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Surrounded by vineyards and olive trees, life in the Tuscan countryside seems to run slowly, as gentle as the hills that shape the landscape. Indulge yourself with atmospheres from bygone times; every village, farm and winery will welcome you with the smile of a land that has always been hospitable and proud of its beauties.

A land that has been a forerunner in Italy and worldwide as far as the very model of farm hospitality and ecotourism. Landscapes shaped by man coexist in perfect harmony with nature, and every small village has a story to tell, jealously safeguarded over the centuries. The Tuscan countryside is perfect to be enjoyed locally, taking your time to discover every detail; even the most restricted areas offer a vast amount of things to do and learn.

The Chianti Area, between the provinces of Florence and Siena, is renowned worldwide for its top-quality wines. The country roads that cross this vast region are surrounded and almost swallowed by extensive vineyards; the great Tuscan winemaking tradition will be constantly all around you. It is almost compulsory to pay a visit to local wineries and cellars to taste excellent, precious wines.

Tuscany is not only the quintessential region of countryside, landscapes, good wine and well-being. It is also a land blessed by an exceptionally rich historic and artistic heritage….Il Torraiolo Resort is located in a privileged position to visit and explore the most famous cities in Tuscany.

The beautiful city of San Gimignano is just a stone’s throw away from Il Torraiolo Resort. Proudly considered as the most beautiful jewel of Val D’Elsa, it is a shining example of medieval architecture that remained untouched over the centuries. San Gimignano is particularly famous for the several, perfectly preserved medieval towers that crown the city. This peculiar feature earned the city the curious nickname of “Medieval Manhattan”, and the recognition as Human Heritage Site by UNESCO.


A few kilometers away from il Torraiolo Resort, the city of Florence offers a countless amount of things to see and do. Considered by the whole world as the capital of Renaissance Art and Architecture, the Tuscan Capital hosted and gave birth to an impressive number of artists, painters and sculptors over the centuries. The Uffizi Museum and the Accademia gallery are only the diamond points of a compendium of beauties that will let you speechless.

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If Florence is the symbol of Renaissance, the city of Siena claims its role as one of the most important icons of the Middle Ages. The city is perfectly preserved, rich in art, history and traditions: first of all, the famous Palio. Amid atmospheres of times gone by and countless alleys in which to get lost, it will be possible to admire one of the most famous Cathedrals in the world, as well as the Palazzo Comunale and the famous Piazza del Campo. Experience all of the emotions of a city in which time seems to have stopped.
Countryside or Cities, Middle Ages or Renaissance: whatever option you prefer, Torraiolo Resort is a strategic starting point that will fulfil the wishes of any visitor.

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